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Our Story

The venue is run by Michelle, with support from her husband, Jay. Up until our purchase of the property in September 2015, this farm was handed down through many generations, and we are truly humbled, that we now get to start that tradition all over again, with our family.


Photo by: J.C.A Photography


The barn is an early 1900’s timber frame structure that sits on the original hand split granite rock foundation. The barn, originally had two haymows with low ceilings. One haymow sat one storey above the main floor and ran the perimeter of the barn. The second haymow was three storeys up, with two separate platforms in the middle of the barn. At one time, they used horses, ropes, and pulleys, to lift the loose hay up into the mows. If you look straight up to the peak, you will see the main ridge beam, with the trolley and pulleys still attached. The barn has seen many generations of farming, with the most recent use, being a dairy barn by the previous owners.


With Jay’s love for carpentry and woodwork, along with Michelle’s passion and background in Architecture and design, they knew that the integrity and overall look of this historical timber frame building needed to be preserved as much as possible.

The restoration began by tearing out the old worn out barn boards, planks, and beams that were no longer structurally sound. The majority of this lumber has gone on to be repurposed and resold. It was important to us that there was as little waste produced from the restoration, as possible.

The barn was restored using sustainably cut trees, off of this very property. These trees were custom milled, on-site, by Jay himself. This was done in order to match the sizing of the original timber frame structure.

In creating this space for special events, the restoration of the barn is not the only thing that has been carefully thought out. In keeping with the sustainable and local theme, the wooden tables in this space have been handcrafted, on-site, using more custom milled lumber direct from the property. From tree to table, the wood has never left the property.

We have big dreams for this place, and have only just begun! We hope that you truly enjoy this space as much as we do, and can't wait to be apart of your special day!

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